Diatoms for animals

Natural Diatoms DiatoNat® Animal

anti-caking mineral addition to feed for farm animals

 EU veterinary certificate no.: PL α14083395p

 DiatoNat® Animal is silica diatom shells, derived from amorphous, freshwater deposits of exceptional purity and quality. DiatoNat® Animal has not been structurally or chemically modified in any way – it is a completely natural product.


DiatoNat® Animal is a source of natural silicon, and thanks to the specific spatial structure of the shells, it eliminates toxins and deposits from the body and helps fight internal and external animal parasites. DiatoNat® Animal is also a very good absorbent that reduces the effect of aflatoxin produced in moldy feeds.

The product is suitable for cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, deer, poultry and all other farm animals.

In the United States, diatomaceous earth is commonly and successfully used for breeding purposes. In Europe, this practice is already being appreciated on a larger scale.

We offer the highest quality amorphous diatomaceous earth.

We called it Natural Diatoms to distinguish it from other diatomaceous earth on the market.

The use of Natural Diatoms only costs a maximum of EUR 50 per tonne of feed.

The animal gains more benefit from the food taken, and the farmer has a greater profit from his activity.

DiatoNat® Animal Natural Diatoms are used for animal feed as an anti-caking agent. Animal feed contains substances such as molasses, which cause particle viscosity. For this reason, the food is clumped up and molds. DiatoNat® Animal natural diatoms added to feeds surround each food particle and prevent clumping, thus preventing spoilage or fuzziness. This means less feed losses. Also thanks to the separation of food particles, animal digestive enzymes can better surround each of them. It means better digestibility of feed.

Why do the DiatoNat®Animal Natural Diatoms play such an important role in the proper functioning of animals?

  • Improving the condition of animals, elimination of deposits in the intestines. The daily portion of DiatoNat® Animal Diatoms contains negatively charged diatom shells, attracting positively charged harmful substances such as fungal residues, mold, bacteria and drugs, endotoxins, pesticides and heavy metal cations; this causes binding them in the cylindrical structure of the shells and leaving the organism along with the feces. Cleaned intestines allow to increase the assimilation of feed, as well as help in the fight against diarrhea, which allows for better weight gain. 
  • Natural support for the fight against parasites. DiatoNat® Animal Natural Diatoms are used in the prevention and control of internal and external animal parasites. The elimination of parasites is based on the physical (mechanical) destruction of their bodies and other forms, as well as on the prevention of further reproduction of parasites. An animal feeding on feed with an adequate amount of DiatoNat® Animal Diatomycetes is unaffected by parasites and toxic chemicals, with the maximum benefit of food and water intake. Due to the above factors, veterinary costs can be significantly reduced.
  • Decreasing the number of flies and eliminating the unpleasant smell of droppings.

Natural Diatoms DiatoNat®Animal is a natural source of biologically active silicon for animals

  • Improving the condition of the fur and feathers. Hair and feathers become healthier and prettier; the use of natural diatoms increases the silicon content in the connective tissue.
  • Reduced risk of injury, accelerated wound healing, improved joint health. Silicon supports the formation of collagen and improves the condition of the connective tissue: cartilage, tendons, ligaments and vascular system.
  • Improving the healing of bone fractures. Silicon also plays an important role in forming and rebuilding bones as calcium.
  • Less tendency to constipation or diarrhea, even in animals that were drug resistant.

This means an improvement in the production efficiency of livestock.

How to use DiatoNat® Animal?

The daily dose of DiatoNat® Animal Diatoms depends on the weight of the animal. It is usually recommended to administer diatoms in an amount of 2% by weight of the feed administered to the animal.

We have the required certificates and approvals.

We work with an accredited testing laboratory. In addition, we always provide substantive support regarding our products and their application.

We have EU veterinary number: PL α14083395p.


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