Diatoms for plants

Natural Diatoms DiatoNat® Agri

a component of natural fertilizer for agriculture and fruit growing

DiatoNat® Agri are siliceous diatom shells, derived from amorphous, freshwater deposits of exceptional purity and quality. It is a 100% natural product. In the United States, diatomaceous earth is widely and successfully used for agricultural purposes. In Poland and in Europe, this practice is already being appreciated on a larger scale.


We offer the highest quality amorphous diatomaceous earth.

We called it Natural Diatoms to distinguish it from other diatomaceous earth on the market.

The use of natural diatoms only costs a maximum of EUR 25 per ton of fertilizer.

  • maintaining the optimal level of humidity in the soil
  • improving the quality of agricultural products
  • increase in yields
  • source of silicon for plants
  • natural repellent against pests

Why do the DiatoNat® Agri Natural Diatoms fulfill such an important role in the proper functioning of plants?

  • moisture retention: due to the high porosity and sorptive properties of diatom shells, the moisture level in the soil is maintained for so long, so essential for the proper functioning of plants
  • structural role: silicon contributes to increased compressive strength and stiffness of plant cell walls that participate in photosynthesis by improving the ability to capture light. It also makes the plant more resistant to drought. The presence of silicon reduces evaporation, contributing to the maintenance of water in the tissues.
  • physiological role: increased stiffness of oxygen channels in tissues facilitates the penetration of oxygen through the roots.
  • protective role: silicon increases resistance to pathogens, insects and molluscs. It also protects plants against the toxicity of excess metals, such as manganese and iron, by increasing their distribution throughout the plant and contributing to their easier dissolution. Silicic acid is also formed into silicates surrounding the microparticles of oxides of these metals, increasing their stability.
  • the role of pest repellents: unique structural properties make DiatoNat® Agri  an excellent natural repellent against unwanted plant pests. Cylindrical diatom shells mechanically damage the pest coatings.

The product works perfectly as a natural fertilizer supplement for plants.

Natural diatoms are added in an amount of 0.5-1% of the total weight of the fertilizer. The product can also be added to natural fertilizers containing humus or other ingredients – thanks to the increased degree of moisture retention, nutrients are better absorbed by plants.

We have the required certificates and approvals.

We work with an accredited testing laboratory.

In addition, we always provide substantive support regarding our products and their application.


Examples of the use of Natural diatoms
against pests:

ants – elimination after 24 hours

crickets – elimination after 28 hours

locusts – elimination after 36 hours

  • pests were kept in jars with ventilated caps
  • application of diatoms on fruit and passion fruit leafs against fruit flies; the flies disappeared

The results of diatom use in agriculture:

The positive effect of the administration of diatoms, especially in the early stages of the cycle, was noted.

The results of diatom use in agriculture, examples of applications:


                            eggplant                                                 coriander



cauliflower – leaves


                                        onion                                                                                     lettuce


lettuce mustard



okra (Lady Finger)

                          Barbati beans                                               rice





chilli pepper





black cumin



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