Hygiene of rooms; worms, mites, cuvettes

Our diatoms (diatomaceous earth), due to their hygroscopic and antimicrobial properties, are an excellent means to maintain adequate hygiene in every household.

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Diatomaceous Earth against fleas
Diatomaceous Earth against bed bugs
Diatomaceous earth against other pests

Diatomaceous earth as an addition to animal litters and mulches:

Bedding and rooms for poultry
Mites and other parasites
Additive to mulch – preventively

Diatoms (diatomaceous earth) are a non-toxic and environmentally safe alternative to chemical agents for parasites and pests such as: fleas, ticks, bedbugs, lice, ants, aphids, birds, and others. Diatoms reduce onerous insects and parasites through physical (non-chemical) damage to their organisms. That is why they are so safe for people, domestic animals, farm animals and plants. In order to ensure the hygiene of the premises, places exposed to pests should be covered with diatomaceous earth.

Diatmaceous earth remove also unwanted moisture.

Diatomaceous Earth against fleas. To effectively eliminate fleas, you must apply diatomaceous earth to all surfaces at once, i.e. to the fur of dogs, cats, to bedding, yard etc. Everything must be covered with diatomaceous earth powder at the same time, since only 5% to 15% of fleas, which you see, it’s adults. The remaining 85% to 95% are larvae or non-hatched eggs. For your own reason, the powdering process of diatomaceous earth should be repeated until the unwanted insects are completely removed (usually it takes 2-3 weeks).

Place the diatomaceous earth on your palm and rub it into your pet’s fur at least 2-3 times a week. You can use the powder spray applicator. Do the same with bedding, carpets, floors and wherever you suspect fleas. Draft the entrance to the room to prevent fleas from entering.


Diatomaceous earth against bed bugs. Spray the diatomaceous earth powder onto the bedding and mattress, paying particular attention to the folds. Housebugs can not fly, so cover the bed with diatomite so that the bedbugs wanting to leave the bed or get into it have been eliminated. Move the bed away from the wall and do not allow the bedding to touch the floor. Dust Dust Cover, carpets and room corners. Remove the plugs from the electrical outlets and blow some diatomaceous earth inside the sockets. Repeat the spraying process for 5-6 days to completely eliminate bugs.


Diatomaceous earth against other pests and unwanted insects (ants, aphids, caterpillars, centipedes, rapeseed, fruit flies, earwigs, lice, mites, cockroaches, sugar fish, snails, snails without shells, spiders, flies, domestic crickets). Spray powder of diatomaceous earth wherever you have problems with insects. These may be internal walls of rooms, corners, skirting boards, etc. Repeat the spraying of diatomaceous earth several times in the case of pests having larvae and / or eggs. It is also possible to apply a layer of diatomaceous earth with a thickness of 5 cm across the entrance to a given room to prevent creeping insects from entering the interior.



Diatomaceous earth as an addition to animal litters and mulches. Backfill reduces odors, dries faeces and keeps the litter box and litter dry, and eliminates birds, fly larvae and other insects.


  • sprinkle the cuvette with a thin layer of the product or add to the cuvette at its own discretion. Mix the product with gravel or other mulch.

Bedding and rooms for poultry

  • make sure the room is clean and dry
  • add 75g of diatomaceous earth for each square meter of floor (cubic meter of bedding) and spread evenly
  • place a small pile of diatomaceous earth at the end of each rod and fill a small amount along the perch
  • fill some diatomaceous earth to the bottom of each nest
  • diatomaceous earth can be mixed with water and spread by means of a sprayer / pressure washer after removing the filter, as the product is insoluble in water
  • give diatomaceous earth in a shallow vessel or spill so that animals can freely consume it (ATTENTION: never use crystalline diatomite varieties for this purpose! Only a safe amorphous form)
  • place a lot of diatomaceous earth in the animal’s favorite place for a dry bath so that they can take it freely

Mites and other parasites

In order to be used against birds (as well as other parasites), give birds a container filled with diatomite for an independent dry bath or pour feathers of the bird with diatoms and rub / comb to reach the nooks and crannies of the skin and feathers. Best at night, when parasites feed on birds. It should be taken into account that this parasite lives and multiplies in various room apertures, and its developmental cycle under favorable conditions is very fast, but it can survive even a few months without food. Exposed rooms should first be cleaned of dust, litter and other impurities, eg with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Then apply diatomaceous earth, trying to reach fissures, recesses, etc. Because the parasite can hide in very inaccessible nooks and crannies, the treatments should be repeated several times if necessary.

Additive to mulch – preventively

We recommend the use of our diatomaceous earth as preventive in addition to litter. Its exceptional absorbing capacity will additionally influence the removal of excessive moisture, toxins, drying of manure, etc. from the substrate. Drying will also have a positive effect on the feet of poultry and other animals.


Recommendations and precautions

Do not allow the product to get into your eyes – due to its drying properties, it can cause dryness. Avoid long-term inhalation of high concentrations of the product being sprayed, as this may lead to irritation of the respiratory system. Avoid contact with eyes and clothing. Wash hands with water and soap after use. Ensure adequate ventilation of the rooms and avoid inhaling the product. In case of prolonged exposure to a large amount of the product, use appropriate eye protection and a face mask against dust. Keep work safety. Always read the label and product information before use.